Bridal Fantasy is about the Business of Weddings.

We create platforms for wedding specialists to showcase their products and services while offering prospective brides, grooms and their friends a multitude of business choices, ideas and alternatives for planning their wedding. This is where you make the connections that make things happen. 

With over 35 years of history, Bridal Fantasy’s trade shows are the leading bridal shows in Western Canada. Brides are sure to find everything they need at the Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, shows, which feature a professionally choreographed fashion show and an eclectic mix of exhibitors. These events offer brides a multitude of choices in their wedding planning process including fashion, flowers, photography, favours, cake, catering, entertainment, reception sites and much, much more.

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Fall Flower Trends

Ahh autumn. Our FAVOURITE season ever! Pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and the best colour palette you could ask for! There is nothing like oranges, reds, yellows and purples coming together to make us feel cozy and warm as the air starts to get cooler! A big fall flower trend this year is the pastel colours. …

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Fall Weddings
Wedding Essentials

 Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of the year, which naturally would lend itself to some stunning weddings. However, we get stuck in the typical fall loop. We think “we can only have red, orange, and yellow colours, and we need all the pumpkins.” Don’t worry, you don’t actually need that! While those red, …

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Breaking Through The Romantic Fantasy Frenzy: Interview with World Famous Human Behavioural Specialist – Dr. John Demartini | Bridal Fantasy Magazine

He rides in on a white horse and sweeps her off to his castle where they live happily ever after. If you’re like most people, you probably buy into at least one of the common cultural myths such as everlasting passion and the eternally romantic notion of a ‘soul mate’. Dr. John Demartini conducted this interview on matters of the heart and we’ve got …

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Fearless Relationships | Bridal Fantasy Magazine

Many people carry disastrous relationship experiences from the past into the present. Holding on to that old anger or resentment inevitably transfers negative vibes onto future relationships. Not only does it keep you rooted in the dark parts of your history, it also sabotages the chance to create a healthy new bond. We drag around past resentment like …

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Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Effortless Dining | Bridal Fantasy Magazine

Kris Carr is a New York Times best-selling author and health advocate. Her works include the groundbreaking Crazy Sexy Cancer series, Crazy Sexy Diet, and most recently, Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Kris regularly lectures at medical schools, hospitals, and corporations such as Whole Foods and Harvard University. TV appearances include: the Today show, Good Morning America, …

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