Boutique hotels for that extra touch . . .

Renowned for their excellence in quality and their magnificent ballrooms, boutique hotels are perfect for small to midsized wedding ceremonies and receptions that range from 50 to 150 people.

Many couples appreciate the intimateness and the warm atmosphere that many upscale boutique hotels hold. With first class dining and incredible honeymoon suites, what more can a couple ask more? If home is where the heart is, you don't have to go far. Within Calgary and Edmonton, you can find in both cities boutique hotel gems located right at the heart of downtown or on the riverside.

Union Bank Inn - Edmonton

With so much of Edmonton's Heritage slipping away with new construction, new life was breathed into the Union Bank Building. Taken over by Edmonton Real Estate Broker Diane Buchanan, Diane drew upon her experiences and her enjoyment of Inns in her travels to Europe. Her vision is what we see today in the rebirth of the Union Bank Building, to the Union Bank Inn, which opened in 1997. By maintaining the rich history of the Union Bank building by blending the best of the old and new, Union Bank Inn was honored with the Historic Preservation Award. Nestled in the heart of the city's downtown shopping, dining, and financial district, this hotel provides you and your guests a miracle of things to do. Interestingly, guests and visitors will be able to find many interesting artifacts throughout the hotel including the previously mentioned award. The Union Bank Inn is perfect for any couple looking for a combination of history and charm for their wedding day. Below are photos of their elegant Giverny Ballroom as well as their newly renovated Madison's Grill and some  of the delicious dishes that you'd be able to find there.


Kensington Riverside Inn - Calgary

Next on our list of beautiful boutique hotels is Calgary's Kensington Riverside Inn. Acquired in August of 2007, the Kensington Riverside Inn was taken over by Mark Wilson and his team at the Hotel Arts Group. With a vision of the perfect stay, Kensington Riverside Inn is perfect for couple's that are looking for a venue with modern décor and an upscale residential charm that is both gracious and inviting. The intimate atmosphere of the Inn's original design by award-winning architect Richard Lindseth is complimented by the opulent and modern details of Andrea Raimondi from Ingenium Design Group. The Kensington Riverside Inn is an exceptional wedding hotel that pairs an ideal wedding venue with impecable service. And when it comes to your big day, the Kensington will have everything you need to pull off one unforgettable celebration. Below are pictures of their Chef's Table restaurant where their open kitchen design allows guests to witness the talent's of Executive Chef Duncan Ly and his team, as well as pictures of dishes that you may find at their restaurant.

Above Four Photos courtesy of Anny Wright Photography