As soon as my eyes set upon Isaac Mizrahi's Ivory Silk Faile Peplum Gown, I simply just had to share it's exquisiteness. As also mentioned on Savvy Scoop, the gown is now available online at The Aisle New York!

With it's elegant contour, simplistic beauty, and Mizrahi's brilliant use of the second skirt layer . . . I must say that it's truly a marvelous creation. Thank you Isaac for such a perfect combination of both fashion and art.

Just remember these wise words and tips of advice when purchasing your wedding gown online:

1) Know What You Are Looking For.
Make sure to do your research and perhaps try on a few wedding gowns in stores first. By doing so, it will help to save you time, make the task of finding your dream dress online a lot easier, and it can also increase your confidence when making your final wedding gown selection.

2) Shop around before you buy.
Not many girls can easily go out and purchase their wedding gown more than a year in advance, let alone purchasing the dress online. So when making the critical online purchase, make sure to go through the checklist for online shopping:
1. Price
If it seems too good to be true, it might just be. Make sure to read the ratings of each online vendor and view some of their customer complaints/feedback. As well, make sure to comparison shop as it is very likely that more than a few online-stores will carry the exact same dress, but at different prices.
2. Quality & Ratings
Many dresses can look amazing online, but don't let pictures fool you. Make sure to inquire about the condition and any flaws on the dress (particularly important when purchasing used wedding dresses). This is essential to clarify with the vendor as time is of the essence when purchasing online. Sending your dress back for an exchange or return, etc. can really set you back on the wedding gown purchase and tailoring/fitting schedule.
3. Return Policy
Make sure that the vendor you are purchasing your wedding dress from has a good return/exchange policy that you are comfortable with, because that could be it after pushing the "Buy" button . . . it could be no turning back from there. There is usually a page dedicated to a company's return/shipping policies. So make sure to read the terms carefully and to also look at the vendor's Frequently Asked Questions.
4. Secure Method of Payment
Fraud and not being sent getting the dress that you purchased online is one of the last things you want to think about when planning your wedding. So make sure that the vendor is trustworthy (check their reviews) and that they are using a secure form of payment (i.e. PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.).

3) Purchase Early.
When purchasing your wedding gown online, you always want to get your dress as soon as possible. Make sure to take into account shipping time, any possible shipping delays, and most importantly providing your tailor sufficient time to perfectly tailor your dress for your body.