Five Non-Basic Christmas Proposal Ideas With Engagement Rings to Match

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The holiday season is in full swing here in Alberta. It’s cozy, memorable, jolly, and perfectly romantic for a proposal! We’ve come up with five thoughtful Christmas-time proposal ideas that’ll have you dreaming of a beautiful, snow-filled moment.

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1. The ornament

Purchase a Christmas ornament (one you can open!) that stands out on your tree. Once your partner notices it and doesn’t recognize the ornament, say “Let me see it”. Grab the ornament, get down on one knee, and propose!

The Birks Yellow Diamond Pave engagement ring is perfect for this idea because it, too, stands out!

Birks Pure Desire™ Yellow Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring

Found on Maison Birks

2. You’ve been served

Plan a dinner (for two or with family) at home and let everyone know you’ll be serving. After your love’s first course, place the ring box open on an empty plate and serve it to him/her. Once your partner stops staring ecstatically at the ring in front of him/her and looks at you, propose!

Make everyone speechless with the beautiful Hillberg & Berk Tacori Dantela engagement ring.

Tacori Dantela

Found on Hillberg & Berk

3. Tech savvy

If you love taking advantage of technology, make it part of your engagement! On a night when you’re watching Christmas movies or reruns of “The Office”, sneak a video of yourself proposing in-between episodes. While he/she is watching the video, pull out the ring.

A simple yet classic ring with a touch of vintage, this band from the Gent’s Collection by Concept Jewelry Design is pretty much a guaranteed yes.

Gent's Collection Concept Jewelry

Found on Concept Jewelry Design

4. Include your fur babies

Animal lovers rejoice! Use some string to tie the engagement ring to your pet’s collar and let your pet naturally wander over to your future fiance. Once your partner discovers the ring, get down on one knee and pop the question. If your pet allows, add gift ribbons to dress your fur baby up for the occasion.

The Birks Blue® Diamond Anniversary Edition Band has just the right amount of bling.

Birks Blue® Diamond Anniversary Edition Band

Found on Maison Birks

5. Take it outdoors

Finally, an idea for those who love being outside. Find a beautiful street or a “Candy Cane Lane” in your city that’s lit up from end to end, but isn’t too crowded. Walk down hand-in-hand and share your favourite Christmas memories, whether it’s with each other or from your childhood. Once you get to the end of the street, tell your partner how you can’t wait for this Christmas. When he/she asks why, get down on one knee and say, “Because I’ll know I’ll be happy forever”. Swoon!

This beautiful contemporary number from Concept Jewelry Design is simple, elegant, and “yes”-worthy all in one.

Contemporary Engagement Ring Concept Jewelry Design

Found on Concept Jewelry Design

We hope you can draw some inspiration from these ideas to create your own memorable engagement story this holiday season. Check out Maison Birks, Hillberg & Berk, and Concept Jewelry Design for more beautiful engagement rings.

May your wedding be even more beautiful than your Christmas engagement – Merry Christmas from the Bridal Fantasy family to yours!

Early Bird ticket sales to Bridal Fantasy in Edmonton (January 22) and Calgary (January 29) end December 31st! More tickets will be available in January. Click here to get yours.


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