From Flower Crowns to Feathers: 10 Alternatives to the Traditional Veil

10 Alternative to the Traditional Veil Bridal Fantasy

The traditional bridal veil: it’s beautiful, flowy, a little mysterious, and…expected. Yep, when we attend weddings, we expect the bride to be wearing a veil.

Sure, it’s beautiful and timeless, but it’s not the only headpiece available to get married in! We’ve put together a list of 10 alternatives to the veil, so you can find the headpiece that suits you.

1. The fascinator

fascinator bridal fantasy

Found on Belle The Magazine 

Elegant with a touch of old-school: the fascinator is a classic accessory and the beautiful netting also acts as a mini-veil if you still want a hint of tradition!

2. The gemstone headband

gemstone headband bridal fantasy

Found on MunaLuchi Bride

Keep your hair looking glamorous without any effort by wearing a bedazzled silver or gold headband with a beautiful design to compliment your dress and makeup.

3. The flower crown (no filter)

flower crownd bridal fantasy

Found on Bridal Musings 

Not into glitz and glitter? Go in the natural direction with an eye-catching and feminine flower crown (without Snapchat!). The best part about this headpiece is it looks great with multiple colours or neutrals. Did we also mention it can match your bouquet?

4. The head chain

head chain bridal fantasy

Found on MunaLuchi Bride

Whether your hair is styled up or down, a head chain flatters any face shape and uniquely adds a touch of medieval glamour to your bridal style. They come in many styles: some for brides who love tons of beads and diamonds, and others for those who prefer a single chain.

5. The tiara

tiara bridal fantasy

Found on Sortra

The tiara is still fairly traditional since it’s been worn by brides for decades or longer. It never goes out of style because, well, how can being a princess (or a queen) ever go out of style?

6. The lace hairpin

lace hairpin bridal fantasy

Found on Vintage Shabby Pink

A piece of lace sitting flat against the head looks breathtaking, especially when it matches the wedding gown.  

7. The mismatched statement headpiece

statement headpiece bridal fantasy

Found on Sortra

The point of this article is to show you alternatives: no one said they had to be white! Turn your headpiece into a showstopper by choosing one that stands out.

8. The large flower

large flower headpiece bridal fantasy

Found on MunaLuchi Bride

For flower lovers everywhere, create a large halo of white, full-bloom flowers to make your face glow even more than it already is from being in love.

9. The feather

feather bridal fantasy

Found on Modern Wedding

This bridal headpiece gives the phrase “love birds” a whole new meaning. Add some silky smooth feathers to your hair to give it a unique edge.

10. The flowing bead

flowing bead bridal fantasy

Found on Sortra

Similar to the head chain, adding strings of beads and chains to the back of your hair gives it extra artistic detail and makes it more interesting to look at. You’ll be catching glances from the front and the back.

At Bridal Fantasy we care about inspiring you to create the bridal style of your dreams. Make sure to get your tickets to our signature bridal shows in Edmonton and Calgary!


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