[INFOGRAPHIC] To Have & To Hold: A Guide to Wedding Bouquets by Bridal Fantasy

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Together with some Edmonton- and Calgary-based florists, Bridal Fantasy has put together a guide to wedding bouquets, so you can be sure the bouquet you’re holding when you walk down the aisle is something you absolutely love.

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Can you hear the wedding bells yet? We can!

Bridal Fantasy Floral Bouquets Infographic

Downloadable PDF version of this infographic: Bridal Fantasy Floral Bouquets Infographic


Your wedding style may be traditional, which typically implies classic and timeless touches throughout. Whether you go with red, white, or any colour in-between, what’s more classic than a big, beautiful bouquet of roses?

“Being a vendor at the Bridal Fantasy shows has given our business the exposure we needed to get off to a good start. We experienced our first full wedding season this year – and the majority of our brides found us at the fall or winter show, or we came recommended from other vendors that we know through the Bridal Fantasy family. It was successful and I already know 2017 is going to be better! ” – Margaret, Two Buds Floral Artistry

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If you consider yourself to be the free-spirited type who still wants a touch of romance, try a rustic bouquet with bohemian accents. Think: White King Proteas, Bunny Tails, and plenty of Poppy Pods!

“I heard about Bridal Fantasy two years ago through a friend that was going in the show. I decided to join that year and it was fabulous! It was a wonderful way to connect with so many couples. January 2017 will be my third show and I am looking forward to it very much!” – Dana Heald, Dee Vine Petals


Not known for sticking to the conventional? Try an eclectic bouquet! Consider a multi-coloured bouquet with unique textural aspects. Different shapes, sizes, and styles are all fair game here.

“Working with Bridal Fantasy has changed our business in a sense where couples view us more as a shop to go to when they are wanting to get more information on wedding florals.” – John Mackell, Laurel’s On Whyte

For more helpful wedding tips, download our Wedding Planner below.

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