Take it from me…Finding a Caterer

Hello! Your favourite wedding-planning blogger is back! This time, I’m here to talk about caterers. This has, hands down, been the hardest part of wedding planning so far.

Take it from me....Finding a Caterer BF Blog

Here’s the main problem: we love food. My fiancé and I are big foodies. There isn’t much out there we won’t try at least once. And generally, not being very picky, we tend to like most of it. We love it all – Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Spanish, French, Greek… Literally, I could keep going.

Because we like everything, it would be almost impossible to narrow things down. Lucky for us, we both have family who is a little less adventurous than we are. So we have decided to keep it pretty simple. Chicken, roast beef, some potatoes… easy-peasy, right?

WRONG. Again, Edmonton is busting with caterers (Edmonton seems to be really big into this wedding stuff). Anyway, we have e-mailed a handful of caterers, and they have all come back with quotes, menus and ideas for the wedding. All really quick. And all at once. Overwhelming much?

You have to really sit down and take your time looking through everything you receive. That is one lesson I learned the hard way. I read through the e-mails briefly, was really excited, and then got overwhelmed and panicked. Now I wish I had left this job up to my fiancé. He seems to handle this stuff better.

We have decided to sit down together and answer the e-mails with each other there. That way, it will be easier to read through quotes, menus, and coordinating times for tastings – oh, ALWAYS do tastings! You want to taste the food you are feeding to your guests.

I feel this blog post is as scattered as I am right now – see, even talking about it gets me a little crazy! Here are some tips:

  1. Do your research and decide what kind of food you want at your wedding.
  2. Set your budget.
  3. Contact multiple caterers, but take your time reading through everything. You may be able to eliminate some just based off of their response.
  4. Do tastings! Most charge for tastings, but will absorb that cost if you choose to go with them. Some will do them for free!
  5. Make the decision together. As someone who tried to do it (mostly) alone, it is HARD. Don’t do it alone! Set up everything together. It will alleviate the stress.

Good luck!

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