Wedding Day Makeup Tips from Glam Artistry: The Do’s & Don’ts for Your Big Day

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Makeup is one of the key items to check off your wedding “to-do” list, but how do you pick the right look?

We asked the ladies from Glam Artistry to share some of their favourite wedding day do’s and don’ts with us.

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 Here’s what they had to say: 


…get a makeup trial done to ensure the products your artist uses are appropriate for your skin, and, most importantly, to ensure you LOVE the way you look on your wedding day! Bring reference pictures to your trial appointment to help your makeup artist achieve the right look for you.

…have “bridal touch-up musts” with you. To ensure you continue to look flawless from your ceremony to your first dance, make sure to have the following touch ups handy: (1) blotting sheets or powder, (2) makeup setting spray to add glow (we recommend MAC’s fix +), and (3) your favourite lip pencil and colour.

…emphasize your eyes! Exclusive to Glam Artistry are G Class Mink Lashes — the perfect combination of both length and volume to add extra focus to your eyes.

G Class Mink Lashes

…look for long-wearing formulas. If you’ve hired a professional, ensure they’re using quality, long-wearing products on you.


…go too trendy. Remember, you want to look back and love your photos for years to come. Opt for finding a balance between trendy and classic beauty looks like glowy skin, soft brows, and sultry eyes.

…just apply makeup to your face. Apply makeup on your ears, down your neck, chest, and shoulders if needed. Ensure you’re using a waterproof and sweatproof formula! This will leave you looking flawless and natural from all angles, and in all lighting.

…have any waxing or facial treatments done a week before your wedding. You want to avoid any pain or irritation before your wedding day, especially if it’s not a regular service for you.

…forget to hydrate! A good makeup application starts with a solid foundation — your skin. Get a moisturizer packed with natural emollients and antioxidants to ensure your skin is glowing. We recommend PURA’s Overnight Watermelon Masque: a decadent treatment packed with all-natural silk peptides and watermelon extract.

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About Glam Artistry

Glam Artistry consists of two very passionate women with an immense love for the beauty industry. Aimee and Gretzie know the impact makeup can have on inner confidence, so they’ve made it their mission to bring an incredible, feel-good experience to all their clients. This was their motivation to create The Glam Class — empowering women through the power of makeup. This three-hour class is a hands-on workshop teaching popular makeup techniques and looks. Following the success of their classes, Aimee and Gretzie decided to combine their business knowledge and talent to create Glam Artistry.

Aimee has eight years of experience in the industry working independently and for two major cosmetics companies. When she’s not glamming up beauties, she’s pursuing her MBA. Gretzie has been in the industry for two years and has had training by Makeup by Mario — the industry’s best celebrity makeup artist! In addition to freelancing, she has her own luxury lash collection — G Class Lashes — which are offered exclusively to Glam’s clients.

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Got more questions for the Glam team? Come chat with them at Bridal Fantasy in Edmonton on January 22nd! Get your tickets here. 


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