Wedding Guest Etiquette

‘Tis the season… Wedding season! Chances are, you are probably attending at least one wedding this year. The thing is, weddings can be difficult to navigate. People are customizing their weddings so much that one wedding you attend may want things super traditional, and another might have things incredibly casual! Either way, there are definitely some rules that stay fairly standard across the board, so we will lay them out for you!Wedding Guest Etiquette BF Blog

  • Never wear white. This seems like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people need this reminder. White dresses are NEVER okay, unless explicitly asked for by the bride. Wearing a white top with another coloured skirt is usually acceptable, however. Use your discretion, but never a white dress!
  • Never be more drunk than the bride or the groom. You do not want to be that guest. Having fun and indulging at a wedding is definitely ok, but you do not want the bride and groom to remember you as the drunk guest at their wedding who took it too far. Take it easy, and follow the example set by the bride and the groom. It can lead to some big messes to clean up, and can end up costing the bride and groom a ton of money!
  • Bring a gift – unless otherwise asked, always bring a gift! Even if it is a card with some cash, do not show up to a wedding empty handed unless instructed by the bride and groom.
  • Dress up! this is not just a random party you’re heading out to on a Saturday night. This is a nice event that the bride and groom probably spent a lot on. Show up looking nice! Wear your best, and look your best! Plus, chances are there are going to be lots of photos taken, and you are going to want to look good in them!

Again, these all seem pretty basic. However, so many guests need these reminders. These are the basics. Again, each wedding can be asking for some interesting things (“wear white!” “Instead of gifts, donate to this charity!” Etc.) However, generally these rules should be followed!


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