The Significance of your Modest Mani and Daring Pedi

The Significance of your Modest Mani and Daring Pedi BF BlogThe importance of a mani/pedi cannot be stressed enough. Let’s be honest, everyone is going to be looking at your hands a lot on your wedding day. They will want to see the bands, they will want to see your flowers, and they will love to see you holding hands with your new bride or husband. They will also be photographed a lot, so you have to put in the time and effort for sure!

The best way to not regret your manicure is to go simple and classic. French tips and muted/pastel colours are always going to be in fashion for weddings. We suggest you go with  Shelac or gel/acrylic nail, just to make sure your nails won’t chip while you are doing all of your prep work in the days leading up to your wedding. We also recommend you get your nails done no more than two days before your wedding day. That way, the nails will still look clean and fresh, but you will have had time to get used to them if you are not used to having gel/acrylic/Shelac nails.

Pedicures are a little different. We mostly suggest getting a pedicure because they are fun, relaxing, and just complete your look – even if no one is going to see them! You can get your pedicure done further out than your manicure, as pedicures definitely last longer. So if you are having trouble finding enough time all together to get both a manicure and pedicure, feel free to do your pedicure a week or even two weeks out from your wedding – they should still be fine!

With a pedicure, you can easily go a little bolder if you want. Not many people will even notice your feet, so feel free to have some fun with it! Bright pinks, reds, or whatever you want! And gentlemen, don’t count yourself out of pedicures either. Skip the polish (or go for it if you want to, we don’t judge) and enjoy some much needed r&r with a foot and leg massage. Plus, great bonding time with your bride to be! (photo:

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