Trendy Bridal Headware

Trendy Bridal HeadwearOne of the awesome things about being a bride is all of the style options you have. Because the bridal industry is so huge and competition has vast, bridal options are seemingly endless! Bridal headwear is no exception. Headwear goes well beyond veils these days. We are going to break down some of your trendiest options, but trust us, this list is by no means tells you all of them!

Obviously one of the trendier options right now is flower crowns. Every girl feels prettier with a flower in her hair…so why stop at one? To be fair, you need to have the right look to go with a flower crown. You do not want to be having a very formal, traditional wedding, a flower crown may not be your first choice. But if you are going for a more relaxed and casual wedding, a flower crown may be just what you need to complete your look! You can have larger flowers for a bolder look, or smaller ones for an understated crown. Whatever best fits your personality and day!

Headbands are also making a comeback. Headbands that come down over your forehead, as well as headbands that sit on top of your head are both in styles right now, and we can see why! They can add just the right amount of detail without breaking the bank. You can easily find inexpensive options of either of these ideas. Again, go with what fits your style best!

Small clips and flowers in your hair can also make all the difference. Adding one or two statement clips in your hair, or a couple of flowers in your up-do can be the perfect way to accent your hair. Again, this is quite often an inexpensive endeavor, and one of the more popular ones. These hairstyle designs are often simple and elegant, while adding a touch extra to your look. We love it! (photo:

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