Skin Care 101

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“Your skin needs to be nurtured and loved just like you do.”

It can also seem like a lot of work especially when it comes to finding the products that suit your sensitivities; so here are some of the essentials to help you get rid of those break outs, puffy eyes, and parched skin days!

Break Outs Be Gone!! – Any sort of acne treatment I feel needs to be applied the night before as it will activate itself as your sleeping. Acne treatments can also be very drying on your skin so it’s always good to apply a very light night cream after. For a nice gentle facial cleanser I would suggest using “Biore’ Blemish fighting Ice Cleanser” because its wonderful for treating those minor breakouts and leaves your skin feeling cold and refreshed. This cleanser is not as drying as your typical Salicylic Acid treatments but still has the same effect. I find this very effective on most skin care types including sensitive skin. Following this I would use “Nivea’s Gentle Toner” on a cotton pad just to soothe your skin and tighten your pores. Because this formula is so good for sensitive skin it does not have a drying effect. For a nighttime moisturizer to help moisturize and sooth your treated skin I’d suggest “First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream.” This formula is only needed in a very small amount and when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel the difference.

Goodbye Puffy Eyes!! – Nobody likes tired and puffy eyes. Even if you have the most pigmented concealer you can still tell if your eyes are puffy, in fact it tends to amplify the look of tired puffy eyes. The quick solution to this is going to be “First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy: Brighten, Depuff, & Sooth,” because it’s triple action formula does everything you need in two quick under eye dabs. A little tip is to apply this at night and in the morning to double up on the powers of this under eye cream.

Desert Dry Say Goodbye!! – “Kate Somerville’s Oil Free Moisturizer,” is your best bet for any skin type especially if your have oily skin. The formula is very lightweight and also has fine lines and wrinkle diminishing super powers. while her product is a little bit on the pricey side this remains a product of quality and should last you a long time depending on how much or how frequent you use this. Another wonderful product I found was much more affordable. “Nivea Sensitive Daycare Cream,” moisturizes to reduce redness, tightness, and dryness. It’s wonderful to use as a replacement primer underneath your foundation or just on bare skin.

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Aside from keeping the best products in your bathroom cabinet there are so many other ways to achieve radiant glowing skin. Cut unnatural sugars from your diet and steer away from fatty greasy foods! this will just increase the breakouts on your face or body. Eating plenty of fruits and veggies increases your antioxidants and will reflect in how your skin and hair feels. I would also suggest investing in a hair, nails, and skin vitamin just to give you that extra glow. When you take care of the inside it reflects on the outside. Good luck!!

Written By: Megan McColman

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