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Absolutely! Have a wedding.

Consider the micro-wedding, the ‘minimony,’ or the sequel wedding

Wedding planning is on the upswing again! Planning your wedding can be one of the most joyful, exciting events of your life, but also a massive task, and one involving a substantial investment of time and money. On average, couples can easily spend $30-35,000 for 120 guests, and for very large weddings that number can be significantly higher. That can be daunting for a lot of couples who may even consider postponing their nuptials. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us it’s that there are alternative ways of doing everything! Weddings are no exception. Given restrictions on gatherings, and protocols for social distancing, small and intimate weddings are taking the spotlight, and remind us that there is no need to wait to say “I do!” Consider, if you will, the micro-wedding, the minimony, or the sequel wedding.

Going micro:

A micro wedding is a cozy affair. With no more than 50 guests, immediate family and your closest friends share an intimate celebration of your marriage. It has all the traditions of a regular wedding, but on a smaller scale. Smaller spaces, a smaller cake, and scaled-down catering, but huge on connection, togetherness, and mutual appreciation. Who doesn’t want their wedding to be an intimate affair with lots of memories to capture? Let’s go micro?

My minimony:

Minimony? The typical guest list of a minimony hovers around 10 people – those with the closest and deepest connections to you and your partner. Unlike an elopement, you still get to share the joy of your marriage with those nearest and dearest to you. For those of us who have elderly or more vulnerable loved ones to share our wedding with, this might be the perfect answer. You and your partner can move ahead, but in a way that maximizes the safety of your beloved guests. With small numbers of guests you have maximum flexibility to do things your way.

The Sequel Wedding:

There is no better time right now to create your own rules! The sequel wedding was a term already coined in 2019 to refer to two successive and distinct weddings for cultural or religious reasons. Like mine! And sometimes two is easier than one. Rolling the traditions of two families, two cultures, and our own rogue ways into a single wedding wasn’t going to happen. So, two was perfect. Now, in 2020, sequel weddings are happening for a different reason. Some couples are now opting for a micro-wedding or a minimony during the pandemic, and their dream wedding post-pandemic. You can have your cake (now)…and eat it too (or, again in the future)!

Satisfied? No, then you have one last option:


Traditionally, an elopement was considered to be an act of passionate spontaneity or a way of eschewing traditional pressures and cultural norms. These days elopements have taken on a more romantic air. With many younger couples preferring a minimalistic approach and staying focused on being married rather than getting married, elopements are becoming more and more common. Looking back, I would have been just as happy to elope with my wife.

Last Words

Being mid-pandemic does not mean you have to give up the opportunity to celebrate your wedding meaningfully. You can have a wedding now, and include your nearest and dearest. Why not create beautiful, glittering and intimate moments that you, your partner and your guests will remember always. After all, it is always about the love! Never forget that.

Next week keep your eyes open as we explore ideas & tips on how you can create your perfect wedding during the pandemic. Until then plan away! We are here with you. For more ideas take a look at our Instagram post on @bridalFantasy.

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Gino Silverfox

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