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Bridal Make-Up

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine- 2020 Edition

Let’s talk about makeup techniques versus makeup trends. Understanding the difference can save you from mistaking an influencer from a professional artist.

For those of us who aren’t from the millennial generation, you may recall a time when makeup trends were created by senior makeup artists backstage at fashion shows. Then they were mimicked by celebrities on the red carpet before they trickled onto local makeup counters as a new or limited edition launch for the public.

Times are changing and so are makeup trends- but more specifically, who is setting them. In today’s beauty industry, on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, vloggers, and beauty gurus alike are flocking to YouTube and Instagram to create their channel or page with the hope that with enough followers, they will develop their own brand. Beauty companies are taking note of the millions of people following beauty influencers and are realizing that these social media content creators are amassing a huge market following. If they can top into that following, it could result in mass sales.

Today, makeup trends are driven completely by sales, rather than by trained certified makeup artists. The trouble is that most of these trends aren’t created for the everyday person. Certified makeup artists know how to highlight their clients features and help each person look like the best version of themselves. Here are some tips to booking a Professional Makeup Artist:

#1) They have a portfolio specifically of makeup looks they have done on others. An experienced makeup artist will be able to share examples of their work on other people. If you’re researching someone and most of their work is only on themselves, it’s likely they are an influencer or have not established themselves professionally.

#2) They have strong interpersonal skills, meaning they will listen to your wants and opinions. Makeup artistry is a service specifically it is customer service. The artist will work with you to create a customized look, rather than just recreating your inspiration image. They will also have a strong knowledge of hygiene, health, and safety practices due to their education and experience.

#3) They have unbiased opinion on the product they are using. A makeup Artist isn’t getting paid to use or say they use or say they like something. Most often they’ve bought the product with their own money and use it because it actually works. A professional makeup artist will have extensive experience with skin care, different skin types, textures, tones, eye shapes, and personality types.

There is room in the beauty industry for both makeup artists and influencers. However, when you are researching artists, be thoughtful of who you are choosing for your big day!

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