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Customize His Look

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine: 2020 Edition

Everyone might be buzzing about the bride’s dress, but that doesn’t mean you pass on your chance to shine! After all, it’s your day too. Unless you and your bride are opting for an unconventional wedding, the best way to elevate your style is paying extra attention to the little details.

Even if your bride’s dress will be a surprise, make sure you have a good idea of its style, and keep your wedding theme and venue in mind when you’re picking your suit and ensemble. Remember it’s not just a perfect fit you’re looking for- you’ll want to make sure your outfit is appropriate for what you’re planning.

Matching suits for the wedding party can be a great way to achieve a chic, cohesive look that looks amazing in photos- but make sure to add something special to your look. You don’t want to blend in with the groomsmen! Don’t rule out wearing a completely different suit, but if you like the idea of matching, switch a few things up. Use a different accent colour for your accessories or design a unique boutonniere.

If you’re keen on making a sartorial statement, don’t shy away from patterns. While your wedding might not be the best time for wild experimentation, you can always try a light pinstripe, windowpane, or check pattern. A subtle, classic pattern is a great way to add interest to your suit. If patterns aren’t your thing, consider a different colour: blue, black and grey are reliable, but colours like burgundy, dark forest green, or eggplant are a great way to add something special to an otherwise classic look.

Once you’ve got your clothing all ready to go, be sure to get groomed. If you don’t regularly, this is a great time to spend a bit of extra time on your overall look. Plan to get your hair cut about a week before the wedding day, even if it’s just a trim or shape so you will look your best. Schedule a shave too- take advantage of a local high-end barber and indulge in the works. The hot towels and full treatments help get a super-smooth, longer lasting shave. You may also want to consider a buff manicure; complete no-frills, it skips nail polish and simply consist of some basic shaping so your hands are smooth and photo ready. It might feel indulgent, but taking these few extra steps will ensure you look and feel confident and camera-ready.

You’re ready, your suit’s ready and it’s almost the big day. Before you go to bed the night before, unpack your suit and dress shirts and hang them up. Remove any creases and let it air out. This will ensure you’re not looking up at a suit full of wrinkles when you get dressed on the morning of your wedding day.

Finally, take your time getting ready on your wedding day. Take a few extra minutes, fidget and perfect your tie before you leave, and only slip the essentials into your pockets with keys, wallets and devices, which will cause lumps and disturb the clean lines of your suit.

Remember, the key to putting together your best wedding day look is paying attention to the little details from head to toe. Whether you’re going for a classic approach, attention to detail will ensure you and your partner will be starting married life in style.

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