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Nursery Decorating Trends to Watch in 2022

There are few things in life quite as exciting as a new addition to the family, and with a

nursery quickly becoming one of the spaces you will be spending the most time in, there is an opportunity to take your creativity for your home to the next level when welcoming a new baby to the family.

Getting used to the new normal has meant relying on our homes as a sanctuary and paying special attention to our interior design and decorating choices. Setting up a nursery in 2022 means imagination, play, and positivity. Decorating and personalizing the nursery is a deeply personal process that allows new parents to develop a space of warmth, love, exploration, and relaxation that tells a unique story for every family.

When it comes to nurseries, the sky is the limit for design inspiration. Start by making a vision board, defining your style and direction, locating items that spark joy, and dive into the enriching process of building the room where you will always remember your baby’s first months.

Here are three nursery decorating trends to follow this year:

1. Gender Neutral Nursery Rooms

If you are waiting to find out the gender of your baby or prefer to create a beautifully neutral space where gender stereotypes aren’t the design theme of your nursery, there are limitless options from subtle and neutral to bright and bold. Neutral and muted colour palettes keep the space feeling airy and non-gender specific, while introducing a rainbow of bright colours to an all-white space can also be beautiful, without compromising a gender-neutral approach. Add interest by incorporating a mixture of classically masculine and feminine textures, colours, patterns, shapes, and objects. Remember, simple is chic and good design is all in the details! Personalize the space by adding in playful elements, childhood treasures and whimsical accessories. Decorative features such as wallpaper with patterns, colour pallets of slate blues, sage greens, lavenders, greiges, yellows, earth tones and neutrals are fitting for children of any gender and offer tons of room to play.

2. Minimalist and Modern

If you’re a minimalist at heart, and love to keep your house simple, elegant, and clean, you can create an exceptional space, without stepping out of your taste and comfort zone. A palette of greys, mixed with white details, gold accents and wood furniture looks ultra-sleek, with a splash of colour from art or a photograph hanging on the wall adds interest and depth. Possibilities are endless when choosing art for your nursery and it by no means needs to be standard animal prints. Watercolour illustrations or playful drawings can be simple, adorable, and comforting to you and your child.

3. Modern Rainbow Themes

Nothing signals pure joy and fun quite like a rainbow or a plethora of colour in a nursery. Decorating the nursery around a rainbow theme allows the room to become as bright or as muted in tone as the parents choose. From subtle, watercolour painted wall decals to bright colour coordinated shelving, there are endless options when playing with colour combinations and centralizing your room around cheerful, rainbow colour schemes.

Colour Palettes Set the Mood

When picking your colour palette, regardless of the room’s theme, it is important to keep in mind the psychological effects of different colours and tones. Warmer colours, like yellows, pinks, and reds are known to spark happiness and energy in the brain. These colours set a positive and welcoming tone but aren’t necessarily associated with sleep and rest. Cooler colours, on the other hand, such as greens and blues, are known to have a calming effect on the mind, inviting a feeling of sleep, rest, and relaxation to the space. Subtle shades of green have been making a resurgence, in particular, as the colour works in a gender-neutral context and is psychologically associated with health and well-being.

Nurseries tend to use softer, pastel shades to keep a calming, muted, and nurturing feel, regardless of the colour chosen. For example, pale shades of blue are known to lower blood pressure, slow the heart, and allow relaxation to occur. On the other hand, darker deeper blues can have an energizing effect, so even when you are picking relaxing colours, stick with the lighter shades.

White and gold coloured nurseries have been gaining popularity as they give off a simple, relaxing, and mature look. For parents who want to keep a muted tone, earthy neutrals like light beiges are great for creating a relaxing environment, as these tones let the baby’s eyes rest. Light greys also make a great background colour, psychologically providing a space of contemplation, while also offering a neutral canvas on which parents can decorate with any variety of images, pictures, and toys.

Feature statement pieces

Regardless of the colour scheme or decorative theme, there are some key items that are a must-have in all nursery rooms and in 2022, the classic light fixture or crib can take on a new creative and personalized twist with some of the newest design trends. Consider including:

  • Statement lighting: A unique and playful light fixture at the centre of the room can set the tone in a pastel or neutral toned space. From playful chandeliers, muted shades, and themed fixtures that include animals, stars and moons, or shapes. Statement lighting has the potential to be the signature design element.

  • Curved furniture: Using a rounded crib, a mobile, circular stool and ottoman, or rounded canopy adds dimension, creativity, and a flexible feel to any nursery space.

  • Customised glider chairs: Get your chair upholstered with a playful or patterned fabric that coordinates to the toys, pictures, or wallpaper in your nursery room, adding a splash of fun to a traditional item.

No matter how you choose to decorate your baby’s nursery, remember to surround yourself with items that bring joy into your life and add touches of personalization while you create memories for years to come.

Design by Kaitlyn Gottlieb (@kaitlyn.gottlieb) | Photography by Tracey Jazmin Photography (@tracey.jazmin)

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