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Formalwear Facts

Choosing a Formalwear Specialist You should look at the reputation and quality of your options. Get referrals from friends and family. You don’t want to compromise on quality or service. Keep in mind that you want to find a retailer that carries current styles. The last thing you want is a tuxedo that looks like it’s from five years ago! Ask your tuxedo retailer these questions:

  • Is stock replaced on a regular basis?

  • How many times is a garment cleaned, and what methods are used?

  • Is there a full-time, on-site tailor?

Why be measured by a formalwear specialist? Get fitted by an expert.

It’s essential in ensuring you get a properly fitted tuxedo. Befitting formalwear is a must for comfort and look. Ask for a trained, knowledgeable fitter.

How do we select a style?

Look through men’s magazines and catalogues (the Derks catalogue is available online too) to find styles that appeal to you. Share ideas on what the bride’s attendants will be wearing, because you want your formalwear to compliment the overall look of the wedding. Once you’ve decided, head to your chosen formalwear location and speak to a specialist.

How can the groom's attendants complement the bride's?

With so many choices in accessories, you can find the perfect colour that will highlight the colours chosen for the attendants. With large selections of vests and accessories, formalwear professionals can assist you in coordinating the look of all the attendants.

When is the best time to book our formalwear?

You should book your formalwear as early as possible, especially if you’re looking to rent during May through September. The summer is the most popular time for weddings. Booking early will ensure that you get the style you desire. Four to six months in advance is suggested.

Does everyone need to be there when we book?

No. It may be easier to come in alone, or just with your fiancé, when making your decisions. Once the styles are chosen, your consultant will enter them into the computer system. The rest of your party can then come in at a time that works best for them, but make sure they are prompt.

What happens if someone comes in much later?

When one person waits too long, they might not be able to fit into the same style you have chosen, which can lead to a lot of disappointment. Your formalwear specialist should then inform you of the situation and you will have to decide what needs to be done. Avoid this situation by having everyone come in a timely fashion, no less than three months prior to your event.

What payment is required?

Payment is usually required at the time of booking, full payment speeds up the delivery, but you will need to at least put a deposit down on your rental.

Should shoes be rented?

In order to maintain consistency and complete the formal look, we suggest you rent shoes. You don’t want your groomsmen showing up wearing tuxes and sneakers. Footwear is professionally cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. At Derks, we guarantee style, quality and freshness.

What should I do in the event there is a problem with my formal wear on my special day?

Check with your formalwear provider to see what their policy is. On Saturdays, Derks has an extra person on staff to assist you, should a problem arise, and Derks can even send someone out to you. Should something be forgotten, or if something needs fixing, call our emergency service department and we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

When do we return our formalwear?

To avoid late fees, all garments must be returned as soon as possible. Your formalwear specialist should cover all of this information with you, including when the tux should be back, as well as late fees, and the hours your location is open for returns.

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