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Sarah D’Arcey

Sarah D’Arcey is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has an extensive portfolio of working with clients ranging from celebrities, musicians, models, and more. Her fashion journey initially started when she enrolled in the Fashion Management program at George Brown College, she quickly learned there was much more emphasis on the buying part and a little less on the fashion part. During this time she was volunteering backstage at what was previously known once as, LG Fashion Week, for Canadian Brand Greta Constantine and was drawn to the styling aspect of the show. She then switched to the styling course at George Brown College that led her down the career path she is now doing today.

Since her time at George Brown College, she’s worked extensively on growing her business and her extensive loyal clientele styling most recently Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh-Jung for the Critics Choice Awards while filming a project in Vancouver. Sarah believes that styling is a form of self-expression and that it is ever-evolving and we are all in charge of shaping our own and shaping personal style is a process that takes time.

10 Essential pieces Sarah believes should be included in every woman’s wardrobe is as followed:

  1. A great piece of outerwear

  2. A white button down

  3. A suit that you can break into separates

  4. A pair of jeans you love

  5. A belt that never goes out of style

  6. Little black dress

  7. T-shirts

  8. Cashmere sweater

  9. Cardigan

  10. A perfect fitting bra

Keep an eye out for Sarah’s article on luxury wedding fashion, which will be featured in the 2022 Edition of Bridal Fantasy Magazine. Sarah is very active on her Instagram @sarahdarceystyle and it is the best place to get your daily style fix and inspo.


Sarah D’Arcey is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sarah is known for her creativity and discerning eye for style, which is shown through her accomplished portfolio featuring celebrities, musicians, models, and professionals. She has styled award-winning campaigns, more fashion editorials than she can count, and buzz-worthy red-carpet looks. Sarah is passionate about supporting Canadian designers and educating her clients on the importance of living with fewer, better things when it comes to their wardrobes.

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