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Secrets to writing vows

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine

By: Katrina Reynolds

Writing vows doesn’t have to be one of those stressful factors while planning a wedding. We want the vows to be perfect, romantic, and memorable. We want to make sure everything we’ve ever wanted to say to our significant other about how much we love them is now said in the moment. Here are four secrets to writing vows that won’t make them as stressful as it seems.

Rough draft:

Make a rough draft simply by using bullet points about the most important elements you want in the vows. By doing this, you can focus your thought process on what you want to be in the vows, later going in depth on those elements and not missing something important that you wanted to say. Give yourself a few weeks to make the rough draft.

When you think of something you want to add to the vows, simply jot it down. After those few weeks, you would have thought everything you wanted to say and now come dive into more detail with those elements.

Write about how you feel:

When thinking about what to write in your vows, write exactly how you feel about your significant other. Yes, even the mushiest, romantic feelings you have for them. Remember, this is the moment confess how deep your love for your significant other is.

Don’t worry about how you will sound. Confess it all! Your goal with these vows is to make sure that your partner who is standing right in front of you knows exactly how much you love them.

Add an inside joke:

If you’re a person who has a sense of humor or gets uncomfortable in serious moments, add in some humor to your vows. Remember, your vows are yours. Make them unique and true to you. Add in an inside joke that only you and your significant other understand.

This allows you to personalize your vows, making them even more unique to your relationship.

Don’t care about what other people think:

While you are writing your vows, don’t think about what anyone else will think when they hear you reading them. Yes, that even means your mother and future mother-in-law. If you’re someone who hates public speaking, just keep looking at your partner standing in front of you and remember, you’re only speaking to them in this moment.

While writing your own vows takes a lot of time, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as one would think. Keep in mind these four secrets above when you’re writing your vows to personalize them during a day you’ll remember forever.

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