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Special Event Rentals

With several locations throughout Canada, Special Event Rentals has become a standout in the event industry. They are a one stop shop for weddings, grand openings, conferences, galas, and holiday parties. They pride themselves on their elite knowledge of venues, event design, tenting, lighting, industry trends, cleanliness, quality equipment, extensive selection of tableware and specialty linens, and exceptional customer service.

I was fortunate enough to have a tour of Special Event Rentals recently. I have to admit, walking into a wedding store can be quite daunting, and I’m not even a bride. However, the warm and welcoming reception I got from creative director Carolyn and Director of Business Development, Lars. I sat down to chat with the pair, socially distanced of course, and could instantly tell that they would be the dream team to pull off any wedding, even within the current social restrictions. 

COVID-19 has forced the entire wedding industry to think more creatively while keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic and restrictions.  Lars shared that an important aspect of planning has been “floor plans and seating charts are a lot more detailed to make sure you have cohorts sitting together”. Having sanitation stations with complimentary masks and hand sanitizer is also a high priority. And while there has been a decrease in weddings in general, Special Event Rentals has witnessed an increase in outdoor and tented weddings, as they allow for more guests.  

When asked if they had advice for couples considering whether to marry or not during the pandemic, Carolyn told me about the “Seize The Day” inactive meaning you should have your wedding anyways. Carolyn replied that while we love big celebrations, “there is something extremely special about a smaller, more intimate wedding”. One positive that Lars added was that with smaller weddings, the focus becomes all about the bride and the groom. Carolyn summed it up saying, “I think that is the trend of it just being more intimate, and more about what’s really important, and you can really be there and it seems that people are loving it”. Lars shared his experience saying that, “from people that I know personally that have gotten married loved the intimate, small feel of the weddings and feel that it is more special to have just that small number of people. Of course we would like to have big parties and gatherings, I’m sure that friends and families are missed at some of the celebrations, But people made due and made the best of it”

You can stop by to visit the Special Event Rentals Team 9-5 Monday through Friday for some wedding inspiration, and make sure you view the champagne wall while you’re there. Their vast store allows for social distancing, and for optimal shopping comfort. Call to set up an appointment with one of the correspondent specialists, or book online through their website.

But be prepared, walking into Special Event Rentals is an absolute feast for the eyes with so much to look at.

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