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The dainty and delicate nature of minimalist jewelry

Minimalist, classic, fine jewelry for everyday wear – Designed by Michelle C

What is Minimalist Jewelry?

Minimalist jewelry, or “barely there” jewelry, consists of clean simple lines without bold colours or sparkle. Minimalist pieces became so popular mainly due to the instagrammable nature of the pretty, simple pieces. They add just enough style to your average outfit, without overpowering your look.

How to Wear Minimalist Jewelry?

You can find any piece of jewelry in the minimalist style; earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The dainty, delicate nature of minimalist jewelry ads a subtle sex appeal to your complete look while staying perfectly classy. You can wear them on their own to discreetly present your sense of style, or double down on the essential layering pieces by stacking them up together or as accents to your other jewelry pieces. Minimalist Jewelry is the perfect complement to the modern, chic woman.

When to Wear Minimalist Jewelry?

Is there ever time when minimalist jewelry doesn’t fit the bill? We think not! Simple pieces have a beautiful way of making any look just a little sleeker and more polished. Not to mention, who wants to wear chunky items on a hot summer day?

Update your every day, go-to jeans & tee for a chic, understated elegance. Add allure to any outfit without overpowering the total look.

Going minimalist for your wedding? These jewelry pieces are the perfect way to accentuate your natural beauty without overpowering you or your dress.

OR choose minimalist jewelry as a gorgeous, thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids to wear on your big day. It’s the perfect reminder of your friendship and they’ll be wearing your gift for years to come!

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