• Teri Hong

The Importance of Women's Fitness

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself standing before yourself, in front of a full sized

mirror, fully naked. Now imagine how you’d feel if you were 100% satisfied and happy with the way you looked. This is the most powerful feeling and the best confidence one can have. No amount of wealth, diamonds, cars, or even social media likes could give you more confidence than being completely happy with who YOU are.

Pivoting into 2022, many of us women are looking to fulfil our New Year’s Resolutions,

or even Old Year’s Resolutions we weren’t able to complete in the past. What are we all actually looking for? How much could each and every one of us accomplish if we had the confidence to do what we wanted to do? We live in a world where materialistic items and social media play a big part in our everyday lives. Instead of spending countless hours scrolling, imagine spending that time working on your physical, and mental self. Where would you be today?

On average, a person sleeps 6-7 hours per night, works 8 hours a day, and we spend

about 1-2 hours a day on transportation. Where did the other 7 out of the 24 go? How many

times have you told yourself, “I’m too busy to go to a class”, “I don’t have time to go to the gym”, or “I’m not fit enough to workout yet.”? Can you imagine if you had started working on your fitness the first time you had said something along those lines? Where would you be today?

Probably a lot closer to your goal!

Fitness is not all about your physical ability. It all starts with your mental strength. Only

YOU can make one day.. DAY ONE. Loving yourself by being physically active can and will

prevent long term chronic health complications. Accumulating a higher body fat percentage can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, difficulty breathing, joint pain, and many more issues that lead to physical pain or even death.

It’s not about having the time… it’s about making the time to give yourself the respect

and appreciation you deserve. Be better than who you were yesterday and it will bring you

closer to your goal, one day at a time!

About the Author

Teri Hong General Manager, Fit Theorem Windermere

Teri Hong is the General Manager at Fit Theorem Windermere. She has been with the company since before they opened and is currently training a team to help her raise the standards for the fitness industry. She has been a part of many other gyms and studios but aspires to make Fit Theorem the first studio to raise all fitness studio standards.

Teri has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and has helped over 2,000 members see healthier transformations in themselves. Her main focus for this journey is to help clients build confidence, a better relationship with food/nutrients, and also fall in love with regular fitness routines through community. She has worn many hats that include but are not limited to, quarterback for the Saskatoon Sirens (LFL), Management for many restaurants, Corporate Relations Manager, Women Influencer for Disc Golf, and ran many sports clubs and teams. Cheers to Teri's journey to improve the fitness industry's standards!

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