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The Most Unique Places to get engaged in Canada

The proposal is the beginning of any wedding story, it´s the question that you´ll get asked the most when you announce your engagement. “So tell me, how did it happen? Did they get down on one knee? Were you surprised? Was it romantic? Was it how you imagined? Where were you?”

What really makes a great engagement story?

It´s uniqueness.

A key part of any engagement story is the location. When looking for the perfect place to propose to your partner, finding something that is romantic, personal, and unique is something that can be challenging. But luckily for you, with the help of Glamping Hub, we have put together a list of the most unique places to get engaged in Canada.

  1. Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia

(provided by Glamping Hub)

Imagine, your proposal along the beach with this as your background!

Halfmoon Bay is a small, but impressive bay along the sunshine coast and has one of the most stunning coastlines in British Columbia. With incredible views, of not only the bay, but there are also hundreds of nature trails and biking routes to enjoy both the stunning coastal rainforest and the lovely shoreline. Looking out to the Pacific Ocean and Vancouver Island, it’s the place to pop the question if you´re looking for breathtaking engagement pictures.

Where to stay?

Stunning Luxury Tent Site in British Columbia

(provided by Glamping Hub)

Walk along the forest boardwalk, look out to the Pacific Ocean on your own private veranda, and sleep among the treetops in this beautiful luxury safari tent. This stunning suite comes with a king-size bed, a chromotherapy bathtub, propane fireplace, and heated slate floors, as well as a heated 45-foot swimming pool and outdoor viewing decks, which are the perfect spots to soak up the sun and enjoy some peace in the heart of nature. It’s truly a magical place to enjoy Half-moon Bay and create your unique engagement story.

2. Mont Tremblant, Quebec (Canada)

Famous for its all-year-round ski resort, Mont Tremblant is the perfect place for any ski lovers! What is more romantic than a proposal at the top of a beautiful snowy mountain in the sunshine, or your partner waiting at the bottom on one knee ready to ask the question as you ski down to meet them. If you´re not the biggest fan of skiing, during the summer this beautiful area is home to incredible views, a freshwater lake, and endless activities to enjoy.

Where to stay?

Luxury Glamping Dome with a Private Hot Tub in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

(provided by Glamping Hub)

Imagine waking up with your new fiance, or fiance to be, with this view. This eco-friendly dome boasts a King size bed, private deck with Jacuzzi, a wood-burning fireplace, outdoor BBQ, private and Kitchenette. Located on a resort, you can find a full range of amenities and facilities to use including a clubhouse with a fitness center, a Jacuzzi, a game room, a restaurant, and tennis courts. With so much to do, (or not to do) here, you and your partner will be spoilt for choice when thinking of your proposal ideas!

  1. Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada)

Kelowna has something for every couple, adventure, wine tasting, incredible restaurants, craft breweries and distilleries, skiing, beaches, farms, orchards… the list goes on. It´s a great place for a unique wedding proposal because you can choose from a variety of activities that are special to you as a couple. A walk through one of its stunning parks and wildlife reserves, an evening of wine tasting in a vineyard, or sleeping under the stars. There are hundreds of places to create a unique and magical engagement story that you will be eager to share with your friends and family.

Where to stay?

Luxurious Bell Tent for a Secluded and Romantic Getaway in Kelowna, British Colombia

(provided by Glamping Hub)

What´s more romantic than a luxury glamping experience, where you can spend the evening cozied up together under a blanket and fluffy cushions with a bottle of something special. This beautiful bell tent comes with a queen-size bed, kitchen items including a Coleman Stove, a cooler, and other items for basic meal preparation, and a shared bathroom. With stunning views of the mountains and forests, it is another great place for a unique wedding proposal.

  1. Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island is the land of the extraordinary. You could explore the forests, mountains, beaches, or one of the vibrant towns on this magnificent island. It´s the best option for an adventure-filled engagement story. Take your loved one on a boat tour to see the impressive Orcas, or a hike through the wilderness to see some black bears! Or, jump in your car and explore the four corners as part of a road trip to get a mixture of nature activities as well as culture, spas, and fine dining. And if you´re keen surfers, or enjoy water sports, Vancouver Island is the place to go! With so many things to experience, it is a place to create incredible memories together that you can share on your wedding day.

Where to stay?

Amazing Tree House Rental for Glamping on Vancouver Island, BC

(provided by Glamping Hub)

This incredible treehouse is on the southeastern tip of the gorgeous Vancouver Island, in Sooke, and is close to the East Sooke Regional Park. It´s beautiful and spacious design makes it the perfect place to relax after your day of adventure and surprises. With your own private deck in the middle of the forest, private kitchen, bathroom, and double bed that has a huge window looking out to the treetops, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the tree canopy whilst the sunsets. How romantic!

  1. Rossport, Ontario

Rossport is a small town that is part of the Northwest coast of Ontario. Located on the Trans-Canada Highway, it is famous for it´s Rainbow Falls that lead into Lake Superior, as well as the Rossport Islands. If you and your partner enjoy exploring the water, this is the place for your proposal. The waters are one of the most protected across Lake Superior and are perfect for all kinds of water-based activities, including a diving experience to the wreck of the Gunilda. Get yourself in a kayak and cruise along the coast, or if you prefer to simply enjoy the views, what better way for a surprise proposal, than a photoshoot of the wildlife and landscapes as your engagement photo background!

Where to stay?

Stylish Yurt with Lake Views and Breakfast Included in Rossport, Ontario

(provided by Glamping Hub)

After a day on the water, island hopping, or stroll through the Casque Isles, what could be better than romantic than your own luxury yurt with a private deck and sauna! Gaze at the stars next to the firepit with a glass of bubbly, or warm hot chocolate to enjoy the nature around you. The yurt comes with a stunning interior, with a private bathroom, kitchen, lounge area, and a queen-size bed. You and your fiance to be, can snuggle up and watch a movie on the television next to the wood-burning stove.

Wherever you get engaged, whether it was your dream proposal or not, it is going to be special, because it is unique to you and your partner. And even if you don´t get the engagement story you want, you can always choose the wedding or honeymoon destination!

Article by Olivia Grafton, Glamping Hub

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