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Tips For Attending Bridal Shows

1. Print sheet labels with your contact information for all the wonderful prize draws you will be entering - name, complete mailing address, phone, email & wedding date. 2.Check Bridal Fantasy's Exhibitor Page before heading out to make sure you're up to date on exhibitors and prize information. 3. Make a wedding email for you and your fiancé. That way, you can keep all the amazing ideas, offers, etc. In one place. 4. Bring a large bag to store all the information you will be collecting. 5. Make sure to wear comfy shoes! 6.Bring your ID along in case you win a prize. 7. Bring a notebook and pen to mark down vendors or ideas you really like. 8. Bring your credit card in case you want to book something at the show and need to put a deposit down. Some of the best deals on vendors are at the show However, if you don't feel sure or right about the company, wait until you can do some research on them handing info over. 9. Sign up for the giveaways and draws. Just because you already have a limo booked doesn't you cant use what they have chosen to give us as a door prize! Keep in mind the draws done at the booths are separate then the draws done at the show and may not follow the same 'rules' as the show prizes. Also read what you are signing up for before you enter. 10. Bring swatches of material of your wedding colours. This will help a lot of vendors make appropriate suggestions as to what they can do for you. 11.For those of you who have one, bring your bridal bible. (All our bridal ideas, visions, etc.) 12. Don't be afraid to ask questions - these are wedding professionals. 13. Wear a mask. 14. Bring proof of vaccination.

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