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Top 10 big day blunders

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine

By Jenifer Bergman

  1. Not hiring professionals

From photography to flowers and everything in between, if you try to cut costs by hiring hobbyists or inexperienced wedding vendors you may have to end up with more headaches than bargained for. Prices tend to reflect quality and experience, so if you think you’re getting a really good, cheap deal- there might be a reason for that!

2. Guestlist regrets

If you really want someone or a group of people at your wedding, make sure you invite them. The extra cost per head will seem inconsequential after the wedding, and you may end up regretting that they missed your special day.

3.Being inconsiderate

Be mindful of the demands (time, financial) that your wedding will place on guests and your bridal party. For instance, if any of your guests are traveling from out of town it is thoughtful to arrange transportation for them to get to your ceremony and reception locations. Likewise, if your attendees are paying for their attire you may want to cover hair and makeup costs on their wedding day.

4.Technical troubles

We’ve all been to a wedding where the slideshow doesn’t work! This creates an awkward pause in the reception program. If you absolutely must have a slideshow, ensure you have the right equipment and cords rented well in advance and that someone is responsible for testing it before the reception.

5. Not having a contingency plan

Of course, your wedding day will be warm sunny with a gentle breeze… but what if it’s not?! So many couples forget to plan for things going wrong. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have an alternate location in case of inclement weather- especially here in Alberta!

6. Running out of alcohol

If you’re supplying your own liquor for the bar it’s always better to overbuy and return the unopened leftovers than to run out before the party is over. There are lots of helpful resources online for estimating quantities required. (Note: The same rule applies to candy or sweet tables!)

7.Reception program runs too long

After approximately 2.5 hours sitting at their dinner tables, guests will get antsy, so you want to ensure that your dinner service and speeches are completed within this time period.

8. Family or friends had to “work”

Paying a little extra for décor setup and teardown services through your decorator, coordinator, or venue could save your sanity and be a real gift to your loved ones. They’ll appreciate being able to enjoy the wedding weekend without the added stress of cleaning up after the party.

9. Forgetting to thank people

You may think you can “wing” your speech, but it can be difficult to think clearly on such an emotionally charged day. Too often couples don’t take the time to prepare their thank you speech in advance and they miss thanking very important people (in some cases their parents who have footed the entire bill for the day)!

10.Not enjoying the planning process

Most couples spend 12-15 months planning their wedding day…. That’s a lot of time to be stressed out about wedding details! Don’t let the planning consume you. Take breaks, delegate tasks to those who offer, and if you know the process, hire a planner or coordinator to take some or all of the planning off your plate.

More about Jenifer Bergman

Jenifer Bergman is the Lead Planner + Designer at Jenifer Bergman Weddings Inc.- an Edmonton Based wedding planning and design firm that produces stylish “wow” factor weddings worldwide. Jenifer has a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Marketing from the Alberta School of Business and is a Certified Wedding Coordinator through, The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC).

Prior to launching Jenifer Bergman Weddings in 2008, she gained crucial event planning experience organizing large, multi-day conventions, and honed her creative and design skills working on national advertising campaigns. Jenifer is the Director of Operations for the International Special Events Society (ISES) Edmonton Chapter and sits on the board of Directors for the Alberta School of Business Alumni Association. In 2010, Jenifer was named one of Edmontonians Magazine’s Sizzling Twenty Under 30.

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