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Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Featured in Bridal Fantasy Magazine

Featuring: David Tutera

David Tutera is the expert when it comes to all things weddings, from fashion to décor David has been a trend setter in the world of weddings. David’s main objective is that every bride should “Walk Down The Aisle in Style”. David embraces and celebrates the beauty of all women from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, from all walks of life. Each and every woman is beautiful in their own unique way, David sees the inner beauty of all women therefor, he wants women to celebrate who they are, and the importance of bringing their inner beauty outward on their wedding day. The celebration of LOVE symbolizes the greatness of life.

A spectacular fit provides confidence supporting all bride’s beauty. So one of the big keys when shopping for a dress is understanding your body type and what is the right look for you.

Check out David’s tips below:

A-LINE: this silhouette looks great on any body type! Be sure to pick a dress that falls easily away from the widest part of your hips for the most faltering fit.

EMPIRE WAIST: empire gowns are best left for brides with a straight, ruler figure or those who are apple-shaped. If you have wider hips, an empire waist may make you look very boxy and square.

FIT & FLARE/MERMAID: fit and flare styles are great on girls with hips. Brides who are pear-shaped or have an hourglass figure will look the best! Be sure the dress hugs your curves and emphasizes your figure in all the right places.

Princess CUT/ BALLGOWN: similar to an A-line gown, a princess cut will look great on almost everyone. This should nip at the narrowest part of your waist to create a beautiful shape.

SHEATH: this simple shape is perfect for brides with a straight, ruler figure. The fabric should fall and flow easily, without clingy anywhere on your body.

David Tutera

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