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What Wedding Vendors Wish You Knew

Your wedding vendors love what they do. While helping you create your dream day may be their job, it’s also their passion. While it’s your first trip down the aisle–or even if it’s not–these pros have helped hundreds of couples create their dream day and they’re full of knowledge. Have you been wondering what the pros wish you knew?

  • Come armed with your lovingly curated Pinterest boards! Just keep in mind that you hired each of your vendors for their own beautiful work and unique talents - let those swoon-worthy pins act as a guide while you work together to plan a creative vision that is unique to your day.

  • When you’re choosing your vendors, especially your wedding planner, take the time to get to know them. You’ll be working closely with them throughout the planning process and on your wedding day, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and trust them. Visit their website and social media to get a sense of their style and then try to get to know them over coffee or a cocktail - the better you know them, the better they’ll be able to execute your dream day!

  • Even if your vendors can’t get back to you right away, they will respond as soon as they can. They might be in a meeting or on their days off since their businesses are typically busiest on weekends. Wedding vendors give each couple their full attention on their wedding day so if you don’t hear back from your urgent email on a Saturday, it’s because they’re in full event mode.

  • They understand that you have a budget and will do their best to help you create your vision while staying within it. Be open about what you are able to spend and they’ll work within it and honestly communicate when they can’t make something happen. While you’re setting your budget, decide which things are most important to you; save on the things that are less important to you so you can invest a bit more on the things that are most important to you.

  • You might love that wedding trend that you’ve seen all over Pinterest and your favourite wedding blog but it might not be possible in your region. Some delicate flowers can’t hold up in different climates, some products or types of venues aren’t available, or the expense of bringing in specialty items might make it difficult to fit it into your budget.

  • Your coordinator likely scheduled a bit of extra time for getting ready but sticking to your hair and makeup start times is essential. Your photographers arrive just at the end of when you’re getting ready so they can capture those special moments as you put your dress on but they could miss those special moments if you’re running late.

  • Buy a decorative hanger to hang your wedding dress on for photos because typical plastic and wooden room hangers won’t flatter your dress!

  • Want to save some of your wedding cake? Ask your baker to provide a box for the top layer of your cake so you can take it home with you.

  • Your vendors will do whatever they can to make your wedding perfect. With all of their experience, they’ve seen it all. They’re always prepared with multiple backup plans and the ability to find the silver lining in every situation.

  • The last thing you need to do on your big day is worry about the behind the scenes details. Don’t sweat - your vendors always stay on top of all the details and know how to smooth out any day-of disasters so you can enjoy your wedding day without any worries.

  • Think about your photos when choosing your lighting. A dark reception space is fantastic for a dance party but if you keep it brighter and simple, your pictures and video will be much more flattering.

Feeling anxious as you’re planning and the big day starts to creep up on you? Just relax and remember why you chose your vendors - they’re professionals who create beautiful weddings every day!

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