The Team

Founded with love almost 40 years ago, Bridal Fantasy has always carried a team of individuals that compliment each other and work together with the same love the company was founded on. Like a strong marriage our team is held together with love, humility, patience, and selflessness.


Gay Derk

Founder & Editor in Chief

Gay Derk is the CEO of Derks Fine Group and Founder and Editor in Chief of Bridal Fantasy Magazine & Tradeshows. Gay started Bridal Fantasy as an exciting idea that has now created a new energy in the bridal market. Bridal Fantasy's mission is to empower today's engaged couple by connecting them with the wedding and lifestyle resources that relate to their needs. She enjoys painting, writing, traveling, swimming, cooking, jewelry making, as well as her favorite project, her grandchildren.

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Kihya McComb

Promotions & Relationship Director

Kihya has been a part of Bridal Fantasy for the last few years. While she has taken some time to spread her wings, she's returned to our family to help us grow and create new experiences while strengthening our relationship with our partners. She will also focus on creating new and exciting opportunities for our partners through unique shows, educational platforms, and more. Kihya's extensive background will provide a fresh, new outlook to our team and our future offerings.


Jon Harmon

Partnership Sales & Fashion Creative

Jon Harmon has spent the past 15 years in and out of the local fashion and retail scene. From the sales floor to photo shoots, Jon believes producing artistic expressions and promoting a marketable narrative is the key to successful branding and perpetual engagement. His focus will be on creating new opportunities for your brand with our digital directives and raising engagement and awareness for you at our events .

Megs McColman

Director of Digital Presence & Content

Megan is a returning member of the family who ventured off to create her own successful baking business specializing in gourmet artisanal donuts, and a marketing company working with a multitude of businesses providing digital and online solutions for customers. Megan has decided to come back and rejoin the Bridal Fantasy family with a new perspective to create a strong online platform for local businesses across Canada to grow and be successful off of in the wedding industry. She believes in “growth by community,” and creating successful partnerships by working together; partners for life.


Meagan Johnston

Client & Partner Relations Director

Meagan is Bridal Fantasy’s Client & Partner Relations Director. She has been a part of the team off and on for the past 8 years. Though she had left to pursue other opportunities, she has always been back to assist with our Bridal Fantasy Shows. Meagan is back to provide support with her extensive knowledge on all things Bridal Fantasy. Her widespread familiarity with the team, exhibitors, events, the wedding industry as well as her many years with us will offer a reformed ease for Bridal Fantasy guests and vendor experience.

Taneisha Picou

Executive Assistant

Taneisha is the newest member of the Bridal Fantasy family and is eager to bring her organizational skills and love of connection with others to the table. When she is not making jewelry or working out, she is busy building connections with others through our social media platforms. Her passion for people and building community with like minded people aids her in her ability to bring similar people together and create a sense of family.